Quick Tips To Make Your Book Signings More Successful

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to release my third book. Any time I have a chance to release a new book it is a great experience. This one was different because I was working with a publisher and not self-publishing.

As a result, I’ve gotten into major book stores. For anyone who has released a book and had the opportunity to sign books in Barnes & Noble or anywhere else, here are some quick tips to make your experience more successful:

  • Start locally. Reach out to the Store Manager in person (best option) or via email. Introduce yourself as a local author and that your book is already in their store. Offer to do a signing in their store. They will need a month or more to make sure signs are made, books are ordered, and posts are made on their social media pages to announce the event.
  • Show up early to solve any potential issues, if necessary. Sometimes the table with your books won’t be set up yet. Occasionally, your contact person won’t even be there on the day of your signing and will forget to tell the manager on duty about your event. Email the manager a few days beforehand and confirm to minimize this possibility.
  • Stand up and greet people as they come into the store. You will not sell books if you sit at your table and wait for people to talk to you.
  • Start conversations with people. I say things such as “Hi, welcome to Barnes and Noble.” “Great day to read a book”. “What types of books do you like to read?” I use these phrases in this exact order to build a bond.
  • Write your own public address announcement and ask them to read it every 30 minutes. I usually get one or two people per signing who talk to me and buy a book based on this alone.

If you want to discuss this topic with me further, or any other aspect of book writing and publishing, email me at brian@briankwright.com.

I would be glad to explore this with you.


Brian K Wright has been a Public Speaking and English Composition instructor at the college level, and is now the host of the popular Success Profiles Radio. He also publishes Success Profiles Magazine, and is a ghostwriter and book writing coach for his clients. You can learn more about him at www.briankwright.com or email him at brian@briankwright.com.

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