How Legos Can Help You Write, Publish, and Promote Your Book

I did something somewhat absurd two days ago. I poured 1334 Lego pieces onto the kitchen table. 

My son received the Volkswagen Camper, and as his self-appointed Parts Manager, it was my job to organize all of the pieces into groups so that when he called out, “I need a red 1 x 3 tall” I knew just where to find it (not to mention what the heck it is, which took a few hours to learn on its own!).

It occurred to me (after downing several lattes) that, much like a 1000-piece puzzle, writing, publishing, and promoting a book is very much like putting together an absurdly large and detailed Lego set. 

At first, you have no idea where to start. You know you have to get through two 83-page instruction books in total, and so you start at the most obvious place: Book 1, Page 1.


Just start. Don’t think about how long the writing, publishing, or promotion process will be. Just take ONE STEP.


When you run into a section that doesn’t seem quite right, you take your time figuring it out. But you do NOT obsess over whether the Lego you placed 78 steps ago was incorrect — especially if it is hidden from view!


Do NOT obsess over tiny details when you’re laying the basic framework for book content, your publishing plan, or your promotion strategy. This kind of obsession is nothing more than perceived procrastination with a purpose. It has no purpose! Set it aside and keep going. Come back to it later if absolutely necessary.


Celebrate each success along the way. I lost my mind when we got the pop-up moon roof to actually work. When the entire thing was finished (and lit up with LED lights!!) I was promoted to Master Parts Manager and started planning for the next build. 


Every step you take is an accomplishment. Break your big steps into as many little steps as necessary to keep you un-overwhelmed and aware that you ARE making forward progress.

The result?


One piece at a time. One word at a time. One step at a time. One promotion at a time. One new reader at a time. 


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How Legos Can Help You Write, Publish, and Promote Your Book

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