You Want to Email Your Readers…But Don’t Know What to Say!

A great way to connect with your readers is to communicate with them about a product or service they will genuinely be thrilled to learn about (that relates to your book topic!).

For example, if you’ve written about managing anxiety, is there a meditation app you recommend? 

If you’ve written a book about changing your lifestyle and nutrition habits, is there a meal prep service or mean planning product you recommend?

If you’ve written fiction, what hobbies does your main character engage in? Is there an online course related to learning that skill?

To show you exactly how simple this can be, here is an actual email template from the Email Vault you get access to when you enroll in From Manuscript to Market (my 12-day, step-by-step book launch system).


Email for Non-Fiction/Memoir Authors

Email Subject Line: A Resource You Will Love Knowing About!

Hi there, [FIRST NAME],

I so hope that [YOUR BOOK TITLE] has been helpful to you and has provided insights and tools that you can use to enhance your own life. 

When it comes to [TOPIC], a well-rounded approach that incorporates a variety of resources will best ensure that you are able to create the best possible approach for YOU!

I want to introduce you to [PRODUCT / SERVICE / TOOL — make sure you hyperlink to the product somewhere: Amazon, product website, etc.]. I value this product/service/tool because it has helped me to [INSERT BENEFIT], and I believe that you will appreciate it just as much!.

I encourage you to check them out! And let me know what resources you have used that you’d recommend to others! You can easily reply to this email and let me know; I read all of my emails and look forward to hearing from you!




Email for Fiction Authors

Subject: [CHARACTER NAME] would so love this!

Hi there, [FIRST NAME],

I so hope that you have been enjoying [YOUR BOOK TITLE]!

If you’ve gotten to chapter [INSERT CHAPTER NUMBER], you know that [CHARACTER NAME] loves [FILL IN THE BLANK]. I recently discovered [PRODUCT / SERVICE / TOOL], and I bet that [CHARACTER NAME] would absolutely love it. [[**DON’T FORGET TO INSERT A HYPERLINK TO THE PRODUCT WITHIN YOUR EMAIL!]]

So, it occurred to me that you might enjoy checking it out too!

If you’ve used it (or choose to use it now), let me know how you enjoy it!

Talk to you again soon!




Recommending products/services/tools that you are compensated to promote as well as those that you aren’t can be equally effective. 

However, if you are recommending products or services for which you are paid an affiliate commission, it is important that you know the rules around what you are required to disclose to your list about the fact that you are compensated for recommending the product to others. 

Check out this article for more information on disclosing your affiliate relationship with a product or service. 

I hope this has been helpful! Please let me know how this email resonated with your list — how many opens and clicks did the email receive? What kinds of ideas does it give you for future emails to this list?


If you’d like access to even more templates just like this¾not only for your readers but also for your launch team and those helping you get the word out about your book¾check out Email Templates for Book Marketing (Made Easy), an ever-growing list of templates that empower your book marketing team members and build relationships with a growing list of loyal readers.

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